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The establishment of BEYOND design&construct was done with the goal of providing a complete service to deliver turnkey projects to prospective clients.

Once the client’s requirements are established BEYOND will bring a team together; experts in their field of design and construction. This team will meet with the client to determine and finalize the scope of work. A price, i.e. lump sum or guaranteed maximum price will be provided to the client as a next step. Should an agreement be reached, a formal design & build contract will be concluded between all the parties.

Another critical reason for the establishment of BEYOND was to submit alternative bids on tenders, which can provide a more cost-effective solution for each type of project. Overall our alternative would need to have reduced capital and operational and maintenance costs or BEYOND would not consider submitting an alternate tender for these projects. An example of the type of projects BEYOND undertakes is our partnership with Drytech Concrete & Roadways to assist with road and drainage designs to provide complete design & build packages for clients who would like compacted concrete pavements and/or a complete road structure with CCP as the surface layer.

BEYOND can assist in any type of project, to deliver a turnkey project, reduce stress and ensure the client is satisfied at project completion. Let BEYOND take care of your project for you! Contact us at any time to discuss your needs!


For multidisciplinary projects, we will find the best engineering partners for process engineering, electrical and mechanical engineering, who think like us and have the same work ethic with innovation and cost-effectiveness as the highest priority. Usually it will be small companies like us, experts in their field of discipline. We are currently partnering with Strategic Community Consulting to provide integral municipal solutions. We also established a company, BEYOND design&construct, to partner with contractors to cater for design and build projects. We are currently partnering with Drytech Concrete & Roadways in the design and building of compacted concrete pavements.

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