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Project Engineering & Project Management

Under project engineering, we include surveys, investigations, feasibility studies, master plans, preliminary designs, project management, development agreements, cost estimates, detail designs, tender documentation and tender adjudications, contract administration, commissioning and training to operators. Thus from start to finish, we work with our clients to complete their projects successfully.

Earthworks, Drainage Plans & Subdivisions

As the preferred consultant for many private developers, we have become known for fast and cost-effective designs. Based on our tractive force method for designing sewer networks, we could eliminate existing sewage lift stations as well as those planned for proposed and new subdivisions. Guidelines on minimal slopes are currently applied throughout the industry without proper design, requiring lift stations which would otherwise not be necessary. Those lift stations are then there forever, resulting in operational and maintenance cosst for indefinite periods of time. With subdivisions comes earthworks and drainage plans, which we have become well established in. Due to the conservative results from the Rational method for drainage design which results in taking valuable land out of production, we follow the more accurate SCS TR-55 method for drainage designs.

Road Engineering

While many local authorities have set standards for road layers, we aim by considering the subgrade strength, to optimize on the pavement thickness designs.

We were also pivotal in establishing the compacted concrete pavement technology in Manitoba, and with our build and design company (BEYOND design and construct) we partner with Drytech Concrete and Roadways Ltd, in the design and placement of compacted concrete pavement for roads and bigger parking areas.

Water Treatment & Wastewater Treatment

We are of the opinion that we pioneered the least expensive water and wastewater treatment plants. The new wastewater treatment plants for the City of Winkler was project managed and engineered under the direction of Johan during his tenure at the City of Winkler as Director of Planning and Engineering. The treatment capacity of 31 Lps with wells, pipelines and storage reservoir has cost the city only $4.3M. This reverse osmosis plant is treating brackish water from an aquifer.

jdb project engineering inc. developed a configuration for the Morden Water Resource Recovery Facility to accommodate a membrane bio-reactor (MBR) treatment process, making it one of the most cost effective plants in Northern America. Additionally, this plant will be the first in Canada to produce Class A Biosolids. The final effluent will also be immediately available for re-use.

Pipelines & Forcemains, Lift & Pumping Stations

Johan, during his tenure at the City of Winkler, designed the upgrades of the existing Winkler lift stations where the original plan dictates the replacement of these by one major lift station at a very much higher cost than the upgrade of good existing infrastructure. The sewage flow direction of the city has also been modified to more evenly divide the flow between the lift stations to reduce electrical use and the risks of one lift station failing and to solve existing overflow issues.

With the design of the Morden Water Resource Recovery Facility it was possible to design a new set of outfall sewers to replace an existing system which can’t be used for future expansion. The new lift station for the new outfall sewers is being incorporated with the new Water Resource Recovery Facility without separate building and the additional costs going with it.

Arbitration & Dispute Resolution

Johan has completed a Diploma and Higher Diploma in Arbitration through the South Africa Association of Arbiters and so become a Fellow of the Association, which unfortunately expired due to immigrating to Canada.

With his years of experience and theoretical knowledge of engineering contracts and construction law, Johan provides the company with a sought after skill, and prefers arbitration and or mediation as a better means to solve construction disputes than the courts. Johan is also a proponent for exploring all the options possible to implement projects, inter alia, design and build, design/bid/build, lump sum and guaranteed maximum price.

Water Supply Systems & Water Network Design

During Johan’s tenure at the City of Winkler, the water tower with its high refurbishment costs was eliminated by the introduction of a variable frequency pumping system at a fraction of the tower refurbishment costs. A two way control system was introduced, one based on flow control at the new WTP on the north side of town and one based on pressure control at the main storage reservoir with its distribution pump station on the south side of town. The flow control at the new WTP pushing water being treated into the distribution system continuously as long as the WTP is producing a stream of treated water. The pressure control at the main storage reservoir keep the entire distribution system at a set pressure, allowing water to enter the main reservoir when the flow control also provide for the necessary system pressure at which time the main distribution pumps shut off. This resulted in the more effective use of the storage capacity of the main reservoir without the need to provide substantial more storage capacity.

By winning the contract for completing the water network analysis to identify the deficiencies of the water supply system of the City of Morden, and subsequently the compiling of the capital improvement plan for the upgrade of the water supply system, we could establish following innovative solutions:

  • By providing a pressure break tank and booster pumping system, all new pipelines for providing redundancy in the distribution system could be eliminated. Transfer of water from other sources, the reversal of water, flow re-chlorination, improved firefighting, additional regional storage and the elimination of high pressures in town are all the advantages of the PBT and booster pump can provide, which are not possible by only providing new pipelines for redundancies.
  • All deficiencies could be solved by this PBT and cost-effectively providing for the future growth requiring an expanded water distribution system.
  • By introducing re-chlorination at the PBT the water quality regarding THMs can be drastically improved.
  • The PBT also will be the heart of the regional system during emergency and drought conditions, as the water supply systems of the Cities of Morden and Winkler, and the RM of Stanley are interconnected, but without the PBT the separate systems can’t function as a regional system as anticipated.
  • With water quality modeling incorporated, it could be shown that chlorination could be optimized by installing the PBT and as such reducing THM forming.
  • We also introduced the concept of pressure dependent demands in the modeling to evaluate all sorts of risks in the safe supply of water.

We are of the opinion that many network systems lack innovative optimization resulting in high operational and maintenance costs.

Structural Engineering

jdb Project Engineering is proud to offer a full suite of Structural design and analysis services including building and fire code reviews, feasibility studies, existing building assessments and reports, and structural design for renovations, additions and new construction projects across residential, recreational, agricultural, industrial, institutional and commercial project sectors.

Leveraging a combination of over 20 years local structural design experience and 3D modelling, analysis and visualization tools, jdb’s staff can bring your project to life on the screen at an early design stage, providing enhanced Owner understanding of their proposed build when changes can most easily be incorporated while still maximizing the potential cost savings.

We bring a high level of experience and dedication to every Structural project and coupled with our Project Management and Design and Build service lines are uniquely positioned to provide support from concept stage to complete building under a variety of contractual frameworks.


Johan personally and his company have been responsible for what we think to be innovative and cost-effective solutions as follows:

  • Our most important and recent accomplishment was to come up with a unique configuration for a new wastewater treatment plant for the City of Morden, Manitoba. It is currently the least expensive plant in Manitoba and with a very high probability the least expensive in North America at a cost of approximately $950 per person ($23M for 24,000 people) at completion of the first phase and at built-out, only $795 per person. The plant has been coined the Water Resource Recovery Facility as it will produce Class A Biosolids (also the first in Canada) and the immediate indirect re-use of the final effluent. A pipeline from this plant to the Minnewasta Dam has been proposed by us to the City to provide for indirect re-use to mix with the natural inflow which will be treated for potable water use.
  • Design, contract documentation and contract administration for six concurrent and separate contracts for the new water treatment plant for the City of Winkler, Manitoba while Director of Planning and Engineering at the City of Winkler.
  • The optimization of the Winkler water supply system by implementing control systems based on flow control (equal to the treatment flow out of the plant) at the WTP and pressure control at the main storage reservoir pumping station which resulted in:

    • Saving $500,000 not to refurbish the existing elevated water storage tank by eliminating this tank and replacing it with a variable frequency pumping system for only $25,000. The original report from a big consulting company recommended the refurbishment and upsizing of several pipelines which never became necessary at all.
    • Due to the unique double control system based on flow and pressure at two different locations respectively, no need exists for another big storage reservoir but only a small balancing reservoir. The existing big storage reservoir is now being used much more effectively with stagnation of water reduced to a minimum and chemical use for chlorination optimized.
  • The design of sewer networks by using the tractive force method and by ignoring the guidelines for minimum slopes resulted in elimination of several existing and planned lift stations. The outstanding case study was the elimination of a lift station for the City of Morden which required high maintenance.
  • The introduction of compacted concrete roads (CCP) in Manitoba with a local contractor. The Manitoba Infrastructure Department was impressed with the final product on the few completed projects such that several test sections will be built this year by them. The CCP requires no steel reinforcement or fibers but is only a dry mix concrete applied by a paver and then compacted.
  • The Morden Water Treatment Plant was recommended to be replaced by a new WTP. We proposed the upgrade/integration of the existing rapid sand filters with nano filtration which will provide new life (more than 50 years!) to the existing plant for a fraction of the cost of a new plant.
  • We are the preferred consultant for 85% of subdivision developers in the Winkler-Morden area.
  • The water network analysis for the City of Morden and the subsequent capital improvement plan which include a central storage and booster pump system to transfer water between the Winkler Aquifer to the Minnewasta Dam in Morden during drought and/or emergency situations. The area between these two cities, belonging to the Rural Municipality of Stanley (RMS), will then be provided with fire flows and storage at the same time. We did the water master plan for the RMS to determine the pipeline sizes to be incorporated into such a regional system.
  • We have made the choice to assist in a major feasibility study to transfer water from the Assiniboine River in Manitoba for irrigation. The length of pipelines being considered is more than 40 miles with flows varying between 6.8 and 24.5MGD. Diameters of pipes being considered are between 300 and 750 mm (12’’ and 30’’) being optimized with major electrical use. A screened water intake and pumping system are included in the preliminary design and cost estimates.

  • Successful proponent for 11km bike path between the cities of Winkler and Morden.
  • Acquire extensive survey equipment, enabling all project related survey work.


For multidisciplinary projects, we will find the best engineering partners for process engineering, electrical and mechanical engineering, who think like us and have the same work ethic with innovation and cost-effectiveness as the highest priority. Usually it will be small companies like us, experts in their field of discipline. We are currently partnering with Strategic Community Consulting to provide integral municipal solutions. We also established a company, BEYOND design&construct, to partner with contractors to cater for design and build projects. We are currently partnering with Drytech Concrete & Roadways in the design and building of compacted concrete pavements.

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